Our Story


“Selected artists, Premium quality, Stunning art for everyone”

NiQOO is an online art gallery aiming to connect young and talented artists from all over the world to art lovers.

NiQOO means pleasant and beautiful in Persian and we, at NiQOO, believe that art can make our homes even more pleasant and beautiful.

We discover the best independent artists around the world and bring the finest of Digital Art to your walls. We make the art selection easier for you.

We hand pick talented artists, get to know them and their stories, and finally introduce and market their artworks. Our artists are on the path to make a name for themselves. Each artist expresses  his own voice, characteristics, and beliefs through his artwork, which he loves to share with people.

Our environmentally friendly printing lab is located in Germany, using the latest technology to meet the highest gallery quality requirements.  

NiQOO’s concept is not only to give an opportunity to artists who want to be seen and show their talents, but also offer art lovers stunning and affordable digital artworks with premium quality prints, making it simple for them to enjoy the glory of art in their homes.

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