Igor Vasiliadis

Igor VasiliadisCurrent City: Moscow

Born October 26, 1972 in Athens, Greece.

The history of “Igor Vasiliadis the photographer” has started when he was 8 years old. At that time his first camera was the Soviet one Smena 6, and then Zenit E. Since childhood, photography became his main obsession for a lifetime.When Igor grew up, he started to take pictures with a medium format camera and achieved real success with it, winning national and international contests. Then Igor started to employ a large format cameras with authentic 19th century optics using silver and platinum sensitive materials for taking pictures.Later on, with the appearance of the high-quality digital technologies, Igor began to work professionally in this area too.


More than 300 fashion stories and 150+ covers in such magazines  as VOGUE, Elle, Marie Claire, L’Officiel,Wall Paper, AMICA, ZiNC, Flair, Spoon...

International advertising campaigns for Claude Montana 2005, jubilee advertorial Dior, 6 campaigns for Londa и Wella, LVMH for Hennessy and Moet e Chandon, network based catalogue Tiffany 2007, advertorials Mercury and more.

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