Henry Rivers

Henry RiversCurrent City: Bordeaux, France
He grew up on the Isle of Wight (a small island off the south coast of England) where he spent most of his time on the beach exploring the countryside.
He now lives in rural France, enjoying the slow pace of life and being surrounded by nature. Traveling is one of his favourite things to do, when he is not working on artwork he loves exploring different cities. He has a particular interest in architecture, which he studied at university, and it is a recurring subjects for his posters.

His artwork is inspired by vintage travel advertising from the early 20th century. When he tackles a new 'destination' for a poster he researches original vintage designs, then tries to find his own perspective which hasn't been tackled before.
In addition to buildings, he loves drawing retro style characters and creating diagrams.

His dream project is to design an 'airplane safety card' for an airline.

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