Florent Bodart


Florent BodartCurrent City: Aix en Provence, France

Florent grew up surrounded by art and music in a family of artists and violin makers so he quite naturally became a creator himself. 
He started his career creating T-shirt designs for the American company Threadless under the name Speakerine. Starting from there he took his time to discover, explore and learn many other skills in the field of graphic design. 
Today, he enjoys working on a large pallet of projects, from apparel design, to illustration, to branding and webdesign. 
He finds pleasure in the exploration of different tools. His creative process usually includes some time drawing, searching and experimenting in the physical world before switching to the magical numerical world. 
His time is shared between graphic design, craft and music. Those different sides of his work complete each other and bring him a sense of balance.
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