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Making a Home: Your Parents’ Couch and Art on the Walls

By Nikki Brown, Art & Photography Blogger I cannot recall a memory of my grandmother’s house without seeing her favorite art prints. Diego Rivera’s “Flower Carrier” overlooked the stereo and her collection of Frank Sinatra CDs. Henri Matisse’s “Dance” adorned the wall above the fireplace. In my aunt’s old bedroom, Milton Avery’s pastel painting of two women, “Conversation,” watched over my sister and I as we dreamed.        Art not only says something about the artist who creates the piece but also about the person who chooses it. Our homes that we adorn with photography, paintings, sculptures, furniture, and graphic works say a whole lot about the people who reside in them. A little over a year ago, my boyfriend...

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The Art-Memory Connection

 By Nikki Brown, Art & Photography Blogger When I first came across NiQOO, I was drawn to the beauty of the curated pieces created by artists all over the world. Art can mean different things to different people. Some of us are attracted to art because it makes us think, or feel, or see something with a new perspective. For me, I’ve always appreciated that a love of art does not require an explanation; we can enjoy art simply because it’s beautiful. Wintertime Love by Nima Chaichi   What makes something beautiful? This is a question of continuous cultural debate, in part because there is no right answer. It can be difficult to remember that beauty is an opinion when...

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