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Hopes, Dreams & Art

  By Nikki Brown, Art & Photography Blogger    Vincent van Gogh (1889) “The Starry Night”    Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Her words still resonate today, and I’m reminded that having hopes and dreams is more important than ever, especially for future generations.   “Big Bird Tail” by Sofie Boersting.   Children are the world’s greatest dreamers. If all of us remembered what it was like to be a child, we would have a far more peaceful planet. I recently took some time to speak with my younger sister and think back on our childhood dreams. I recall wanting to live in a lighthouse on the beach,...

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Traveling Through Art

  By Nikki Brown, Art & Photography Blogger Growing up in Michigan, early March is still mid-winter. After months of sleet, slush, and ice, I’d be dreaming of white sand beaches and Mediterranean cities. Now that I live in California, I don’t miss the frigid temperatures, but I still get the travel itch. I long to explore the ancient temples of Vietnam, experience the beauty of the Bolshoi ballet in Moscow, or traverse the Basque countryside in Spain a la The Sun Also Rises. "Duality" by Nima Chaichi I remind myself that the “travel itch” is actually a desire to break with a routine point of view, and, fortunately, there’s no need to crisscross the world for a dose of perspective. A beautiful...

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Making a Home: Your Parents’ Couch and Art on the Walls

By Nikki Brown, Art & Photography Blogger I cannot recall a memory of my grandmother’s house without seeing her favorite art prints. Diego Rivera’s “Flower Carrier” overlooked the stereo and her collection of Frank Sinatra CDs. Henri Matisse’s “Dance” adorned the wall above the fireplace. In my aunt’s old bedroom, Milton Avery’s pastel painting of two women, “Conversation,” watched over my sister and I as we dreamed.        Art not only says something about the artist who creates the piece but also about the person who chooses it. Our homes that we adorn with photography, paintings, sculptures, furniture, and graphic works say a whole lot about the people who reside in them. A little over a year ago, my boyfriend...

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